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Formularz rejestracyjny Work and Travel

Work and Travel registration form

Please fill in this form if you intend to begin new employment after completing your assignment at your original Camp/Resort. Please note that you must wait for Camp America's acceptance of your new employer before you begin work with that employer.

Please also note that:

- if you are on the Campower programme (including the "Resort" option), you may not work for any employers that haven't been thoroughly verified, accepted and contracted by Camp America for the current season. Your post-camp employment is therefore limited to camps and resorts currently working with Camp America. Please note you may not work as a counsellor. You may work only until the programme end date on your DS-2019. After that date you cannot work legally in the USA. Please remember that as a student, you need to leave the USA by October 1st, regardless the actual grace period available to you.

 - if you are on the Counsellor (or Special Needs Counsellor) programme, you may only work at your original camp and only until the programme end date as indicated on your DS-2019 form. After that date, you are granted a 30-day "grace period", during which you cannot legally work in the USA. However, during this period you may travel in the USA. Please also note that during the "grace period" you cannot travel outside the USA and be allowed back in the country.

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